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Gold-i Selects Coverity to Mitigate Risk of Software Failures in Trading Systems

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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Forex and CFD pricing bridge technology provider Gold-I has selected the Coverity Develepmont Testing Platform for testing its products. Coverity, a San Francisco based technology testing company provides solutions for firms to assess their software code for quality assurance and spotting errors. With software becoming more complex because of increased uses and integration demands, technology companies providing solutions to detect the source of code failure have become a quick growing niche. Earlier this week, New Relic, an identical code evaluation firm that focuses on monitoring website and server performance raised $80 million in a deal that valued the corporate at $750 million. For Gold-I, the firm has stated that they’re going to be using Coverity to be sure platform resilience in its high frequency trading environment.

Gold-i Selects Coverity to Mitigate Risk of Software Failures in Trading Systems
SAN FRANCISCO and LONDON , February 7, 2013 – Coverity, Inc., the event testing leader, and Gold-i, an award-winning international integrator of trading systems, today announced that Gold-i has selected the Coverity® Development Testing Platform as a strategic portion of its mission to make sure quality and platform resilience for prime-frequency trading.

“Software quality is our no 1 business priority. Issues with our software which prohibit client trading could potentially cause financial and/or reputational losses for our customers. We simply cannot afford to take any risks with regards to platform stability,” said Tom Higgins, CEO of Gold-i Ltd. “We pride ourselves on offering real-time integration between retail brokers and their liquidity providers, with a software platform that runs at over 99.999% accuracy. The Coverity Development Testing Platform helps us to make sure system speed and reliability within rapid software delivery cycles, giving us a genuine competitive advantage.”

As a part of its development testing rollout, Gold-i used Coverity Quality Advisor to discover and attach critical software defects which could bring about reliability and function issues, as early as possible within the software development lifecycle. Previous to engaging Coverity, Gold-i already had robust Quality Assurance (QA) procedures in place to make sure the reliability of its trading platform, but Coverity offered a further quality measure that immediately surfaced software issues inside the code, directly within the development workflow, in order that they will be fixed before the code ever made its approach to QA.

“Development testing is a key enabler for Gold-i in relation to ensuring both the velocity and resilience of its trading platform,” said Jennifer Johnson, VP of selling at Coverity. “The race to deliver new software functionality is a critical source of competitive advantage within the investment banking and high-frequency trading market. We’re working with among the world’s leading financial institutions to construct development testing into their development process with the intention to rapidly deliver new software functionality to market while helping to mitigate the business risk of software failures.”

The Coverity Development Testing Platform enables software development organizations to unify quality and security testing with an integrated, developer-ready solution. Coverity Quality Advisor, a product throughout the platform, surfaces quality defects within the developer workflow, with accuracy and actionable remediation guidance. The platform is built at the award-winning Coverity SAVE® Static Analysis Verification Engine, which applies multiple patented techniques for accurate issue detection.

About Coverity
Coverity, Inc. (, the construction testing leader, is the trusted standard for corporations that ought to protect their brands and bottom lines from software failures. Greater than 1,100 Coverity customers use Coverity’s development testing suite of goods to automatically test source code for software defects which may result in product crashes, unexpected behavior, security breaches or catastrophic failure. Coverity is a privately held company headquartered in San Francisco. Coverity is funded by Foundation Capital and Benchmark Capital. Follow us on Twitter or investigate cross-check our blog.

About Gold-i
Gold-i is the multi-award winning trading systems integrator. Based in Guildford, UK, 20 miles south of London, within the Surrey Technology Centre, Gold-i employs a team of developers, quality assurance personnel and IT operations specialists to both service existing customers and build new products. All new products struggle through rigorous testing before release to offer brokers and banks the peace of mind they want so they can get on with their core business without costly interruption. Gold-i prides itself on building good durable business relations by valuing its clients and dealing together to unravel business problems.

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